ServicePRO® Classroom Training – Las Vegas

Preliminary Agenda

*Subject to change Introductions
  • Introduce Company, Product and Trainers
  • Client Introductions
  • Overview of the Training Agenda
Evolution of Skill Based Queues
Presentation on the concept of skill based request routing.
ServicePRO Graphical User Interface
Introduce Workbench, a convenient access to the tools required to manage your service desk.
ServicePRO Infrastructure and Security Administration
  • ServicePRO Objects
  • ServicePRO Administration
  • ServicePRO Configurations
  • Role Based Access Control
Lifecycle of a Service Request
  • Self Service Portal
  • Mobile Portal
  • Workspace Management
  • Service Request Management
  • Collaborative workflow
  • Inbound Email Business Rules
Collaboration and Communication tools
  • ServicePRO Calendar
  • ServicePRO Email Inbox
  • Chat
  • Screen Sharing
  • ServicePRO Communication & Messages
Document Management
An overview of document management within ServicePRO including versioning, preview, index and search.
Knowledge Management
  • Creating and updating a knowledge base article
  • Searching and using a knowledge base article when servicing a request
  • Global vs. Internal publishing
  • Draft vs. Final version
Training Center
Introduce Training Center that facilitates delivery of training modules for not only ServicePRO, but any process and procedure in your organization.
Service Design and Business Processes
  • Custom Object Designer
  • Ad Hoc Projects
  • Project Templates
  • Quick Request Templates
  • Memo Templates
  • Business Rules for workflow management
Purchasing Workflow
  • Purchase Requests and Approval
  • Purchase Orders
Asset & Configuration Management
  • Audit Service
  • Asset Management
  • License Compliance
Data Analysis
  • Charts & Dashboard
  • Query Designer
  • Capacity Planning Views
  • Standard Reports
  • Custom Reports

In addition to above, attendees will get: