ServicePRO® project portfolio infrastructure with integrated social apps:

ServicePRO® includes a number of social tools that incorporate directly into the service infrastructure.
These tools enable linking of collaboration and communication activities to specific projects, tasks, or calendar items.

RemoteASSIST® Screen Sharing

Enhances incident resolution by providing live support to end users, controlling computers, and transferring files.

ServicePRO® Chat

The ServicePRO® Chat application allows you to communicate in real time with other support reps all within your company interface.

When launched from a service request, the entire chat transcript will be attached to the request.

ServicePRO® Quick Message

The ServicePRO® Quick Message function allow you to instantly send messages to concerned parties of a Service request.
Quick messages can be sent among users and create a dialog thread within a request.

ServicePRO® Calendar

The ServicePRO® Calendar synchronizes with Microsoft Exchange.
It integrates meeting and appointments with appropriate requests and tasks.

ServicePRO® Document Management

Document management in ServicePRO® is directly integrated with requests and projects. Common document types are automatically indexed, and available for quick preview.

Other functionality includes check-in / check-out, encryption, document properties, and more.