ServicePRO® Custom Request Types

The benefit of custom objects is that they contain information that is precisely tailored to your needs. When you design custom objects, you are creating templates for these objects, and specifying how they will be used and behave in the future – what data they will contain, and how it will be organized and presented.

Custom objects help insure that required data is properly collected, and enhance database integrity.

Clients often begin using custom data in service requests. However, most ServicePRO object type can be customized. Common examples of objects that are often customized include users, clients, assets, and more.

Custom (user-defined) fields are useful in many situations. For example:

When you create custom request types you can:

ServicePRO® Visual Custom Data Designer

The field properties I can specify depend on its type. In this example, we have a drop-down field that enables me to specify possible values:

Approval Status Drop-down Field

In other cases, we can set validation rules that help ensure data integrity:

In this example, we can ensure that the proposed change date leaves enough time for the backup plan to be implemented.

ServicePRO’s Visual Object Designer offers a rich set of available field types, reference fields, graphic elements and validation rules that provide you with a virtually unlimited possibilities to design your custom object that fit your business.