The ServicePRO® Data Analysis module contains a comprehensive suite of reporting features.
You can choose from a broad selection of standard reports, or use a standard report as a template for creating one of many types of custom reports.

Data analysis is enhanced by the powerful ServicePRO® Chart Designer, which gives you all the the tools you need to easily create and distribute customized graphical information.

Standard Reports

The ServicePRO® Data Analysis module contains a large array of standard reports which are easy to customize and filter to meet your specific needs. With just a few mouse clicks, you can quickly access business process and IT performance information—in either summary or detail form.

Report Types

Each type of report offers a set of nodes on the report tree for viewing information in various formats—including low, medium, and high detail.

Report types available to you include:


Group Selection

Instantly specify how you want to group your reports:

Custom Reports

The ServicePRO® Custom Report Designer makes it quick and easy to specify precise data types and fields. Grouping levels, header/footer, and general report layout are seamlessly integrated through the intuitive user interface.

Custom Report Designer


Many pre-built design templates are included for several business process categories including purchasing, project management, and asset management to name just a few.


Designer Elements

Each template is built on an intuitive framework designed to shorten learning curves and enhance productivity
This framework provides users with instant access to:

The Layout / Preview tab provides instant visual feedback to the user, enhancing the customization process.

Custom Report Designer Elements


ServicePRO® includes powerful and intuitive tools designed to create engaging and informative charts. The visual Chart Designer allows users to quickly specify data fields and groups, filters, along with many other parameters. Several chart types are available including Bar, Pie, Line, and Area.

Chart Designer

Advanced filtering simplifies the process of transforming raw data into actionable information presented in powerful graphs and charts. And custom reports can be easily exported to many popular file types including XML and CSV.

Chart Designer Action Bar


The ServicePRO® Query Designer allows quick and flexible data analysis in tabular format. As with all ServicePRO® reporting, filters and constraints are easily implemented in queries allowing users to obtain precise information.

Query Design Preview

Queries are easily monitored for changes over time. And query results are always ready for export and distribution in all popular file formats.

Workload Reports

ServicePRO® Workload Reports allow managers to quickly understand both summary and detailed information about Service Request status across their area of responsibility. Workload Reports are available at the individual, team, and departmental level.

Timesheet Summary Report