ServicePRO® Capabilities at a Glance

ServicePRO® is a comprehensive, easy-to-setup Service desk platform that enables industry best practice right out of the box.

ServicePRO® is 100% web based, and can be installed on your own premises, or hosted on our cloud. Developed over 20 years, the ServicePRO® platform is a robust set of tools that focus on business service delivery, collaboration, security, and productivity. From "Day One", our mission has been to create a workbench that empowers you to “Get The Job Done!”

ServicePRO is a process-based service suite intended to align the delivery of information technology (IT) and other business services with objectives of the enterprise. The focus of ServicePRO is delivery of Services using best practice processes.

ServicePRO suite is the glue that binds people, equipment and processes (service requests, communications and task flows) in a coherent framework that drives modern enterprises. Top among ServicePRO’s objectives are the following: