Definition of ITIL Reporting & Data Analysis

As with most management functions, when it comes to Information Technology strategic management and quality improvement, Reporting and Data Analysis capabilities are crucial. It is difficult to improve what one cannot measure and analyze and it is difficult to measure and analyze IT effectiveness, including if and how IT is meeting service level agreements (SLAs), when accurate reports are not available in a timely manner.

The manner in which data is analyzed and reported should be tailored to specific circumstances of the organization; the reporting methods and type of data should be tailored to the intended audience and the type of analysis required.

Implications For Business

Decision-makers may be guided by common sense or by the opinions of internal experts or external consultants. However, the most authoritative views, and even seemingly obvious conclusions, may be wrong. And if decisions are wrong, businesses may suffer cost and competitive disadvantages. A more fruitful decision-making strategy is to analyze evidence available in reports and make strategic decisions, such as staffing, new acquisitions, upgrades, resource allocation, and other areas, based on facts.

How servicePRO Helps

ServicePRO supports Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) processes for best practice service management, including Reporting and Data Analysis.

When it comes to Reporting and Data Analysis, ServicePRO allows users to easily create standard and customized reports that focus on providing straightforward analysis of service desk performance. For instance, ServicePRO’s Reporting and Data Analysis procedures allow management to examine the current state of its Help Desk, measure historical performance, and identify Help Desk trends and weaknesses.

This information effectively allows management to analyze how the Help Desk is functioning and plan for future needs. For instance, managers can generate timely reports pertaining to Service Level Agreements (SLAs) so that any pending problems can resolved before any SLAs are compromised.

ServicePRO uses industry-leading Crystal Reports to let users design, generate, manage and share reports so that data in various reports is easy to discern by the right decision-makers.