Definition of ITIL Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management is a process that can be used to provide information to all other IT Service Management processes. The Knowledge Management process ensures that all information used within Service Management, and stored in the Service Knowledge Management System, is consistent and readily available to appropriate users—including help desk staff and even end users on a self-services basis. Information can be restricted to specific users and updated or deleted when and as appropriate.

Implications For Business

If staff at an IT help desk have access to one another’s trouble-shooting solutions through an interactive knowledge base tied into the incident management or call management system they share, then each staff member can handle a wider variety of issues competently, consistently, accurately, and more efficiently—at a lower total cost. Organizations can also deploy self-help knowledge bases via Web interfaces to help customers or internal end users solve some of their own issues and further lower the cost of IT support.

Knowledge Management can offer significant gains beyond the service desk. Knowledge sharing enables more informed decision-making about changes to infrastructure and reallocation of infrastructure, organization of projects and teams, adoption of new technologies, protection of IT assets from disaster or hacking, and other strategic IT issues and tactical computer support.

How servicePRO Helps

When it comes to Knowledge Management, ServicePRO supports Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices, in part by allowing users to create and publish solutions for common problems and standard procedures. These published solutions can be shared by help desk staff. Solutions can be kept for internal access by support staff only; however, selected solutions can be published as self-help options for end users. Users can view published articles and solutions via the ServicePRO web portal. Support staff and end users can easily search for any solution in the knowledgebase.

Draft solutions can be made available to support staff for review and then published when approved; published solutions can be reviewed, updated, deactivated, or reactivated as required by authorized staff. Management can run reports to see which solutions are most frequently used, monitor the effect of solutions on first call resolution, and highlight areas where best solutions need to be provided.

In short, it’s one thing to acquire knowledge regarding the solutions to problems, it’s another thing to share it so that repetitive analysis and troubleshooting can be avoided and proven practical solutions can be implemented quickly and efficiently. ServicePRO makes all this possible through effective Knowledge Management.