Definition of ITIL Problem Management

ITIL Problem Management aims to solve the underlying issues which may result in unplanned disruption in service, or "incidents". ITIL Problem Management is distinct from ITIL Incident Management in that it requires deeper investigation into potentially more serious issues which, if not solved, could result in additional incidents.

Problem Management is broadly divided into two major sub-processes

  1. Reactive problem management usually driven by the incident management
  2. Proactive problem management which is charged with proactively seeking out improvements to services and infrastructure before incident occurs

Problem Management notification may come from investigation of incidents, from users, or from IT detection systems. Effective Problem Management requires the accurate and comprehensive recording of incidents to identify and eliminate underlying causes.

Implications For Business

ITIL Problem Management is a key component in the efficiency and dependability of all business and IT services. The purpose of ITIL Problem Management is to reduce the risk of unplanned interruption of business services through systematically discovering and solving their root cause.

As IT becomes the lifeblood of organizations, the Service Desk is often seen as the front door in to an organization. It provides the primary point of contact between external or internal customers and the information systems which support the entire organization. Effective ITIL Problem Management is therefore dependent on an effective IT Service Desk.

How ServicePRO Helps

ServicePRO® supports ITIL Problem Management process to ensure that the root cause(s) of incidents are systematically solved as quickly as possible, reducing or eliminating the risk of service disruption.

By allowing technicians to capture incident details utilizing custom fields, ServicePRO® provides greater accuracy of information which minimizes the assumptions made while diagnosing and resolving a problem. Business rules can escalate the problem request to a more skilled group of technicians and send automatic notifications to all users that are impacted. Additionally, communication can also be done through Announcement module which is accessible through ServicePRO® self-service portal. ServicePRO® makes it easy to merge all similar incident requests to the main problem request making it efficient to analyze the root cause and close all the incidents at once when the problem is resolved.