Professional Services

Your account manager works closely with you to design your implementation plan and book your installation. Our Professional Services Team consists of experienced ITIL Help Desk Software Consultants. A certified ServicePRO® Consultant will work in a remote session with your administrators to install and test all components guaranteeing that ServicePRO® is properly configured in a test environment.

ServicePRO® offers a variety of professional services options to help you and your organization make the most of our intuitive software. The option you choose depends on your budget and the complexity of your organization.

Web Based Training

Once installation is complete, an ITIL certified consultant will work with your ServicePRO® administrator to ensure you get the most out of ServicePRO®, in your environment.

Five, One Hour Web Sessions on ServicePRO®

Session One - Queue and Category Creation
Session Two - User Defined Fields
Session Three - Business Rules
Session Four - Projects and Project Templates
Session Five - Data Analysis and Asset Management

A Typical Agenda Includes: