As a rich Internet application (RIA), ServicePRO® is designed to deliver the same features and functions normally associated with desktop applications.

However, it does so while running 100% in a browser!

For example, ServicePRO® supports cutting and pasting directly into memo fields (because it runs on a browser in a secure environment), drag & drop functionality (great for visually interactive form designer), a more interactive and enhanced user experience like multiple open windows, responsive grid views, and more.


My Workspace

This view displays a listing of all requests contained in folders assigned to you (most folders are not private, they can have a number of people or teams assigned).

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New Service Request

This app enables you to initiate a new (generic) Service request in ServicePRO®. All requests have common elements such as workflow, prioritization, options for automatically communicating updates with requesters and other reps, and more.

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New Quick Request

You can create a service request using a predefined Quick Request template. Requests templates are created for commonly occurring tasks or requests, and are pre-populated with default values and workflow options speed up creation, reduce error rates, and save money.

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New Projects

Many projects recur frequently in the life of a typical service desk. Examples include setting up new employees, testing procedures for software release and more. For recurring projects, it is helpful to design project templates that will automatically create a standard hierarchy of requests and child-requests.

In addition to tremendous time savings, ServicePRO projects promote consistency and standardization, which are the hallmark of a mature service desk.

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Quick Messages

ServicePRO is all about collaborative workflow. A fundamental element of collaboration involves communicating about the task at hand.

Quick Messages are a lightweight component that is used within service requests for communications between stakeholders: the requester, support rep(s), and manager(s).

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Training Center

Human capital is the most expensive resource in a knowledge based economy.

ServicePRO’s Training Center promotes the development of employees skills (in any department or discipline), and retention of corporate knowledge.

Training Center facilitates delivery of training modules for not only ServicePRO, but any process and procedure in your organization.

Document Management

ServicePRO’s document management support many of your corporate processes, including ‘change management’, asset management, human resources, devops, just to name a few.

You capture documents either manually, or through integration with your email. With business rules you can process documents automatically and attach them to service requests.

Role based security ensures that documents are seen and modified only by authorized personnel.

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Knowledge Base

ServicePRO® supports the process of capturing, developing, sharing, and effectively using organizational knowledge.

It focuses on the management of knowledge as a strategic asset and encourages sharing of knowledge as a vehicle for organizational learning.


Asset management enables you to optimize your IT resources and control your hardware and software expenditures, so your support staff can solve problems more efficiently. Asset management is integrated with purchase order functionality, allowing you to track all of your organization’s IT equipment, from requisitioning to the end of the product lifecycle.

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Data Analysis

ServicePRO® provides pre-defined dashboards, charts, queries and reports, and allows you to design your own. You can save custom queries and reports for future use and make them available for use by others.

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